War Happens Quickly.
Peace Moves Slowly.

Fred Conlon was inspired by a massive pile of old WWII army helmets that he saw at his local military surplus yard. What was intended to be a mascot for his pottery shop ended up becoming a helmet turtle that he reluctantly sold the first day on display, and Sugarpost Metal was on its way. Conlon’s grandpa could never have known that his shared experiences at Pearl Harbor would inspire his grandson when he uttered the words, “War moves quickly. Peace, on the other hand, moves slowly.” Conlon had no idea this idea could take care of his family in such an exciting and fun way!

From the humble turtle came ladybugs, flying pigs, and even a dragon. When a neighbor and friend unexpectedly put a gnome in his garden, things got crazy in the welding shed, and the first Gnome-Be-Gone was born. The Gnome-Be-Gones began to do many different things from mowing lawns to being firefighters, and so did Conlon.

Shop gnome-be-gones
Fred Conlon art booth
park city snowbug

National Sugarpost and beyond

Sugarpost continues to make the original turtles and earlier pieces Conlon dreamed up years ago. Over the years, his sculptures have also become as varied as skeletons doing yoga and representing Native American archers, octopi with heads made of Harley Davison motorcycle tanks, and giant ‘transformers’ made with Hino trucks parts. Conlon’s welding skills were tapped by Park City Mountain Resort in the building of their German-engineered alpine coaster, and because of that project the Gnome-Be-Gones were adopted as ‘Snow Bugs’ for their ski school.

In recent months, Sugarpost has been proud to partner up with Kevin Plank and Underarmour, making a custom twenty-foot UA logo that is back lit and mounted above the football practice facility at the University of Maryland. Another 9-foot version sits on Plank’s wall at his home gym where it can be spotted as Plank delivers the University of Maryland 2020 commencement speech to their graduates.

Something for Everyone

With each custom piece comes a bit of Conlon-inspired magic and imagination. Conlon doesn’t just ‘make a skeleton’ or ‘make a logo’, he listens to the stories and the reasons for the request. He listens to people, and their lives influence everything from the parts, to the design, to the presentation. You want a logo that represents your company? Tell Fred your story and he can weave your details into the sculpture itself, making it 4-dimensional and full of meaning. Make it over-the-top by asking for live flames and you’re in for a special treat!

Sugarpost will continue to make their classic, tried-and-true charmers—who doesn’t want a sharp-toothed garden friend who offers a flower, a haircut, or a shrimp on the barbie? Who wouldn’t want a skilled pink flamingo removal service scattered among their backyard flowers, or a couple of metal critters hauling garden gnomes to the trash pile? If that’s too tame, get loaded with a three-man tank carrying grenades, rocket launchers and sighted machine guns!

Or get your own custom-made, life-inspired Conlon original!

Custom Commisions